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Job Opportunities with Magical Winter Lights

Magical Winter Lights (MWL) is returning to Gulf Greyhound Park in 2017 and will be hiring for several Job Opportunities for those looking to get involved this holiday season!

Apply now to work at one of Houston’s most fun holiday events!

Job Position Descriptions below.

To apply, please Contact Us.

Parking staff is responsible for directing traffic entering and exiting the festival parking area, as well as watching out for guest safety as they walk through the parking area. Parking staff will coordinate with each other to make sure cars are parked in an orderly fashion which maximises available space. 

Ticket staff is responsible for checking in every individual customer’s ticket at the MWL front gate. Staff needs to work quickly and accurately to scan each customer’s ticket while maintaining a friendly and cheerful demeanor toward guests as they enter the park.

Magical Winter Lights cashiers assist customers at a number of locations in the festival area, including at parking, the box offices, and the MWL operated ride areas. Cashiers are responsible for ticket sales and will need to ensure all ticket sales totals match up with their cash sums turned in at the end of daily operations. Cashiers must be personable and friendly, consistently deliver high-quality service to MWL customers.  

The IBA will be the primary contact for customer questions, complaints, and will be the first contact for all ticket resolution issues. They will clock in like normal staff, and immediately go out to the festival grounds to complete select Opening Checklist Items (entrance to boot up equipment in the box offices, unlock the box offices, unlock the front gate, prepare ATMs for use, etc…). The IBA will know how to work at every cashier position.

EMS personnel are required to be onsite during the festival in the first aid tent area to provide first response medical aid to any customers who experience an injury in the festival grounds. EMS personnel are required to have an EMT-B certificate or equivalent certification